Involving your child in the kitchen enables you to educate them more about food, lets them explore different kinds of textures and colours of foods and could even encourage them to try new foods too.

It can be quite fun for them, although a bit messy, but it will be worth it as your little one will be so eager to help and be proud of his ‘creation’.

There are so many things you can make with your child in the kitchen beyond baking cookies and cakes, although thats always a great start.


Your little one will enjoy mixing the ingredients together and watching the dough come together. Especially if you have a stand mixer, as my little one enjoyed helping to press the buttons and watching the dough hook do its work.
Then the rising of the dough can be a great topic of conversation too, but of course, the most fun part is when they can get their hands into the dough. Helping to press, stretch and shape it to their hearts desires, then putting on whatever topping they like.


Fajitas, Summer Rice Rolls or Lettuce Wraps lets your little one choose what he wants in his own little roll and is quick and easy to do. No waiting around to enjoy these little appetisers and they can go into their lunchbox too!

Pasties, Pies, Tarts

Buy the ready-made puff or shortcrust pastry will make things a lot easier and quicker. They come in sheets which you just unroll, or in a block so your little one can help with the rolling and shaping.

Check out Jus Rol’s kids recipe ideas here.


Great for outdoors on the barbecue or in the oven. Your little one will enjoy threading each piece of ingredient onto the skewer (with careful supervision of course) and you can get creative by using a mixture of meat, veg and fruit.

Tip: Ask your child to incorporate different colours of the rainbow onto the skewers!


All you need is a proper sushi rolling mat, vinegar & rice which can be found in most local supermarkets nowadays.

Let your little one help with the mixing of the condiments into the rice and allow her to get her hands sticky in the rice and give it a ‘taste test’ whilst spreading it onto the nori sheet.

We like to fill our sushi with tuna, mayo & sweetcorn or ready-cooked chicken slices with avocado. You can do vegan versions too.

Tip: Sprinkling the rice with roasted sesame seeds makes it extra special!


Another outdoor/indoor cooking idea with your kid. Making your own burgers are quite easy and you can flavour it exactly how you like with your own spices and condiments.

My little boy doesn’t like eating burgers unless he has helped cook it on the barbecue! So that’s proof that by letting him in on making it results in him more willing to consume it after.